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The following is a short guide to the process of selling a property, in plain English and uncomplicated legal terms.

Preparation for Sale
Title Deeds
When you decide to sell your home, you should instruct your solicitor to draw down your title deeds from your bank. It is from your Title Deeds that your solicitor drafts the contracts for sale, so it is vitally important that your solicitor writes to your bank before we put the property on the market, so that the deeds are available to draft the sales contract immediately when we sale agree your house. It can take the banks up to six weeks (sometimes longer) to deliver the title deeds, and recently, we have come across a lot of cases where the title deeds have been lost by the bank and need to be re-constituted. We have had a number of sales fall through because the title deeds could not be produced in time, so step number 1 is, make sure you have your title deeds before you put your property up for sale, Solicitors can be very laisse faire about this and often tell clients that it is time enough to look for drawdown of the title deeds when the home has gone sale agreed. That is simply not true and could cost you the sale of your house.
Instruct your solicitor to draw down the title deeds before your house goes on sale. 

Extensions or Alterations
If you have built on an extension, even if it is exempt planning because it is underneath 40sqm in size, or if you have carried out some alterations to the interior of the property, like removing interior walls, you may need to get a certificate of compliance with building regulations, or an Opinion of Compliance. It is always better to have these certificates in advance and give them to your solicitor, so that your solicitor can provide them to the other side. If your extension or alteration was supervised by an architect or engineer, they should have provided you with a Certificate of Compliance with building regulations at the time. If you did not obtain that Certificate of Compliance at the time, then you will have to obtain an Opinion of Compliance to satisfy the purchasers solicitor, so its best to get it done before the property goes for sale, you are going to need it anyway. 
You should also ensure that you have a Building Energy Regulation Certification because we need to include the BER rating on all advertisements, as required by law. When we receive your instruction to sell your home, we will agree with you a list of items to be included in the sale. 

Hogan Estates Marketing
Our marketing campaign includes the following;
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