5 Top Tips for Renters

How To Successfully Find Your New Home

1.    Notifications

Create an account on Daft.ie or Myhome.ie and set up alerts. (see below). You will receive notification alerts by email as soon as somewhere that meets your criteria is posted. That way, you can be one of the first to send a message to the landlord or the landlord ‘s agent.

Drop what you are doing and send your email straight away, before the ad is taken down. Properties are being rented now in 24 to 48 hours.

NB #1:


Find the agents email address and reply directly to the agent.

Why? Because Daft and Myhome do not allow you to attach the pdfs that you will need to attach to make your application stand out from the crowd.


2.    Enquiry

Create a message that makes you stand out from the crowd. Messages like; Hi, I Would like to view this property or is this property still available? Will be ignored. Agents received hundreds of enquiries!

Make sure that your message stands out from the others. Keep it short and sweet like a donkey s gallop.

Have the wording of your email saved as a word document so that you can copy and paste it into the body of your email. Have it correctly formatted with 1.5 line spacing because it is easier to read, AND check it for spelling and grammar.

NB # 2:

Here are the key points that you need to hit at the very beginning of your email:

1.    Ready to move immediately. (Landlords hate void periods and want to get their property rented asap) This is key.

2.    Deposit and first month s rent (or two) available.

3.    ALL relevant documents attached and NAME your documents.

4.    Prove that you can afford the rent (wages or HAP) Every landlord is legally obliged to accept HAP and a lot of landlords actually prefer HAP.

5.    If you have a good job, state it.

6.    State briefly who will be living in the property, including children, or if you are separated and have custody of a child at weekend, don t be afraid to say so.

7.    Then, and only then, start to tell them a bit about yourself and whoever else will be moving in KEEP IT SHORT.


3.    Introduce Yourself

Write a little bit about yourself, your employment, your hobbies and who you will live with. Include the employment status and description of every adult who would be living at the property. Inform the agency or landlord that you have references. Inform them that you have a pet if you have one and offer to pay an extra deposit in relation to your pet. Some landlords are willing to accept pets, but not all.


4.    Documents

Be prepared. Have all your relevant documents scanned onto your computer or phone and saved as PDFs. Alternatively, have good quality photographs of your documents saved on your phone or computer. Photos are accepted by all landlords and agents.

References that are required:

a)    photo ID of all adults who will be living in the property.

b)    work references (if applicable).

c)    previous landlord reference (If you were living with your parents or renting a room, just provide evidence of same with a reference)

d)    college reference if you are a student.

e)    work permit if you are a non-EU citizen.


5.    Viewings

if you are offered a viewing of a property, take the viewings that are on offer. Do NOT say Can I view it another day? It won t be there. It will be gone so don t kid yourself. If you want the property, you will have to make sacrifices because if you don t, there will be upwards of a hundred people behind you who will attend that viewing. If possible, agree to the proposed date and time. Bookings fill up very quickly so don’t delay with your reply or your viewing may be offered to someone else.


How To Create an Alert On Myhome.

Because of the chronic shortage of rental accommodation, you should really expand your search to areas other than your number one area preference.

1)    Go to www.myhome.ie

2)    Go to the person symbol in the top right-hand corner and select the Sign-Up option from the drop-down menu.

3)    Fill in your first name, second name, email address and password.

4)    Select I have read and agreed to the MyHome.ie Terms & Conditions .

5)    Go back to the home screen, and sign in.

6)    Go to the Rent tab at the top of the screen.

7)    Select the type of property you want to rent with your specified criteria i.e. Location, price, type.

8)    Click Search.

9)    When the search results are displayed, click on ‘Create Email Alert’ at the top left of the search results.

10) This property search will now be added to your saved searches and alerts.

11) To receive email alerts on your saved searches:

a)    Sign in

b)    Go to My Account

c)    Go to the saved search you want to receive email alerts on

d)    Click Edit

e)    Choose how often you would like to receive the alerts and then hit Save.

f)     All done – You will now receive property alerts via email on the selected searches.


How to Create an Alert on Daft.ie.

Because of the chronic shortage of rental accommodation, you should really expand your search to areas other than your number one area preference.

1.    Log into www.daft.ie.

2.    On the top right-hand corner click Sign In.

3.    At the bottom of the screen, click Sign up for Daft.

4.    Enter your e-mail address and select a password.

5.    Click the tick box beside I have read and agree to the terms of use and privacy policy .

6.    Scroll down. If you want to receive e-mail notifications from daft, click the appropriate box.

7.    Click Create an Account.

8.    Go back to the homepage and click Sign In at the top right-hand corner.

9.    Sign in with your new username and password.

10. Search for the properties in the area that you would like to live.

11. Click the heart on the right and side.

12. Go to My Daft and click Saved Searches and Alerts.

13. You will see all your favourite searches. Click on the bell on the right to turn on the alerts.

14. Click on the box titled Send me Alerts on this Search.

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