What Needs Planning Permission?

You need planning permission to widen your driveway! There are many thing you may not be aware of that you need planning permission for. We have prepared a brief run through of builds that require planning permission and ones that do not.

Planning Permission:

Planning permission is the process of asking your local authority for approval for building an extension; changing the use of a property, building a new build or making any major alterations to a property.


You NEED planning permission to widen the entrance to a driveway or create an access to a public road.

This is a something so tiny that people don’t even think to check before you can do it. But the enlarging of an entrance driveway or creating a back entrance that leads onto a public road you must be granted planning permission before you can do it.


To build a single storey extension to the side or rear of your property, which is less than 40 square meters is possible without planning permission.

Anything larger than these requirements require planning permission. To build an extension within these requirements you must not affect boundary walls or obstruct any rights of way.

Even though you do not need planning permission it must be built in compliance with building regulations.


Extensions which are exempt from planning permission:

·       Build a garage less than 25sqm in size

·       Does not extend the front of the house

·       Does not exceed 3 meters in height (Depending on roof)

·       Must match the front of house.

·       Changing the use for domestic use

What will require Planning Permission:

·       Garages exceeding the 25 sqm

·       Converted into bedroom

·       For storing Pigs, Horse and Ponies, Poultry or Pigeons

·       Using the garage for commercial use or as a business

·       Extends the front of the property

It must be said that with or without planning permission you will need to make the garage design match the exterior design of the property.


You can build a porch which has a maximum floor area of 2sqm in floor area.  The porch must also be a minimum of 2 metres from the footpath. This will not require planning permission.

For anything larger you will need planning permission.

Attic Conversions:

Typically, Attic conversions don’t need planning permission if it does not require any structural changes to the house. However, if you would like to convert your attic into a habitable room which can either be a bedroom or living room then there will be certain requirements you have to reach, if you do not match these requirements then your attic conversion will only be classified as storage space.

If you add Velux Windows, Balconies or Dormers you will need planning permission as it will change the structural part of the house. It is also worth mentioning that without and addition of a fire escape the room cannot be a habitable room.

It will also not be a habitable room if 50% of the floor is not 2.4m in height so if you need to raise the roof to make it habitable then you will need planning permission.

Material Change of Use:

In almost all cases you will need planning permission for the material change of use in the property. Whether it will be change of use from residential to renting out the property or running a business out of your garage you will need planning permission.


Planning permission will vary in cost depending what you are applying to get done.

If you are applying for a house then the application required will cost €65

If you are applying for an extension or material change of use the application will cost €34

On top for that then it will cost you an additional €20 to make a submission.

How Long:

The site notice which should stand outside your house, this must remain there for 5 consecutive weeks.

After sending in an application the local planning authority must make a decision on a planning application within 8 weeks after receiving it.

After receiving intention to grant planning permission from the local planning authority you will have 4 weeks of no appeals until you will be fully granted your planning permission.

This is a very general look over the topic of planning permission. If you are still unsure wether you need planning permission or not, please look further or enquire with you local planning authority. Building without planning permission could leave you with a big fine or complicate future conveyancing with the property.

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