How To Choose a Solicitor When Buying/Selling Property!

Solicitors are just as important as estate agents when it comes to selling your home. They are responsible for handling all legal documents in the sale of a property. Choosing the wrong solicitor could be toxic for a property sale. It can lead to prolonging a sale or even worse collapsing a sale altogether. Choosing the right solicitor can lead to a quick and easy conveyance, leaving buyers and sellers completely stress free! Here we have prepared some tips you should look for when choosing a solicitor for your property conveyance!

1)    There is no other profession that would be more familiar with the Conveyancing Process than estate agents. All estate agents would usually have worked with many different solicitors through different property sales. So you can be sure that they know which ones are the best for conveyancing, estate agents get no benefits from putting you through to a solicitor so it would be wise to fully acknowledge their recommendation.

2)    Most people would tend to immediately decide on the family solicitor or a solicitor they have previously worked with. Although in some cases this may be okay if the solicitor has a proven track record in conveyancing,. However in most cases this is usually a bad idea. Solicitors who specialise in family law or criminal matters are usually very busy and are constantly in court. These Solicitors would put your conveyance at the bottom of their to-do list, which can result in serious delays in the sale process.

3)    Do not go with the cheapest solicitor. Good solicitors will charge fair premium prices for their work as they will know what their time is worth. If a solicitor is charging less than all other solicitors it may be down to a lack of work for them and in most cases there are reasons for their lack of work or lack of clients. Poor performing solicitors will do nothing but delay the conveyance process and could end up costing you dearly.

4)    Choosing a solicitor close to where you live is not essential. However, having the solicitors close by and easily accessible for things such as signing contracts or making appointments, could make your life easier. But this is not essential.

5)    Solicitors cannot share previous cases with clients to show a portfolio, so a good way to get an understanding of how good they are is by checking their website and asking for a list of legal costs and full breakdown of services.

6)    Some of the biggest firms deal with hundreds of clients and are involved with big cases. In these types of firms, it is very likely that your conveyance would be put to the bottom of the to-do-list. This can lead to a prolonged conveyance and can also cause the buyer or seller to pull out of the conveyance. Research your solicitor thoroughly and make sure they have experience in conveyance before deciding on them.

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